Curb Appeal – How to Invite Your Potential Buyer into Your Mississauga Townhouse Without Saying a Word!!! ‘Curb appeal’ is the single most important factor in selling your mississauga townhouse. Since common areas are controlled by the “Condo Corporation,” paying attention to details can make all the difference in the world.

Mississauga townhouses are very unique in the sense that neighbours do not have side yards, unless you own an end unit.  Therefore neighbours can not move items as easily from the front yard to the back yard.  This is why keeping your front yard clean is so important when selling your townhouse.  For the same reason, it is important that your neighbour keep their front yard clean.  How your neighbour maintains their townhouse, directly affects your Missisauga townhouses “curb appeal.”  You must make your neighbour aware of your efforts to sell your townhouse.  Get them to agree to keep bicycles, garbage, fixtures, and other miscellaneous items off the front lawn.  This way, your townhouse will shine and have a better opportunity to sell.

Ask for your neighbors’ cooperation if you know and like them. You can explain that you’re selling your home and are going to try hard to get your trash containers and children’s bikes polished up quickly to make a good first impression on potential buyers. You would really appreciate it if they’d be as vigilant as possible. Maybe even ask if they’d mind if you took their trash containers to the back if you get home first (assuming you can do it without going through private space).

If your neighbours give you a hard time, just do your best to pick up any trash, and sweep the shared sidewalk in front of your complex. If your Mississauga townhouse is part of a condominium, the condo corporation will cut the grass.  If the condo corporation does not cut the complexes grass frequent enough, you can take the initiative to cut yours and your neighbours lawn. You might even want to edge the grass surrounding the shared sidewalk and curb in front of the complex.  Anything you can think of that will make things look tidy and well cared for without getting your neighbours upset will pay dividends when you finally get an attractive offer for your townhouse.

In the winter, a good idea would be to make sure your driveway, sidewalk, and walkways are shoveled and clean to invite potential Buyers into your home.  Doing so, will also ensure that people do not slip on your property, which would definately deter any potential Buyers not to mention open yourself up to potential law suits.

Good ‘curb appeal’ can make the difference between having your mississauga townhouse on the market for an eternity and getting it SOLD. Make your home the one the buyer is anxious to see.

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