Staging Your Mississauga Condominium

Staging your Mississauga Condominiums is the design process of de-personalizing a private residence prior to putting it up for sale in the real estate marketplace. This is often achieved by re-arranging, de-cluttering and improving on certain items.

The goal of staging your mississauga condominium is to help it sell quickly and for the most amount of money by appealing to the largest amount of prospective buyers. Staging focuses on improving a home’s potential by transforming it into a ‘neutral’ property because the way we live in our home is completely different than the way we should sell our mississauga condominium. Staging creates a living space buyers can “see” themselves in, similar to how model home displays are presented.

Staging your Mississauga Condominium also helps create an environment that will lead a buyer’s eye to the home’s attractive features, while minimizing its flaws.

Mississauga condo sellers agree that staging is a practical first step prior to selling any home, especially since the cost of staging a condo is usually much less than the increased selling price often achieved from a professionally staged home.

Here are some helpful tips that may create more appeal when Setting the Stage for your home. These are subtle details that will increase your homes appeal when potential Buyers come to view your castle. 

Windows & Lighting

Consider each window and room separately. Are the drapes themselves more striking when opened or closed? To improve the view by the windows you may want to consider attractive drapery ribbons to tie around the drapes. These work very effectively to open up the room, and create an elegant touch at the same time. Use light shades of drapery on the windows, to create a calming feel in your mississauga condo.  You may want to consider investing in a small, attractive but simple lamp.  You can use these in the darkest corners of the room, but you may find that they work better in tandems. It gives a more symmetrical impression of your room to the potential Buyer, and the more light, the better!  These lamps work especially well in a bedroom, one on each side of the bed if possible. Try placing attractive candle holders with scented candles on the washroom counters. Candles work well in every room; just don’t overdo it, because simplicity is what will sell your home. Only use vibrant coloured candles. (Don’t use dark brown, black, dark blue or purple.) 

Fixtures & Decorative Touches

Try a fruit bowl on the dinner table in the kitchen. Some people like using elaborate centerpieces or large flower arrangements. Those don’t work well in the kitchen. Try a simple, colourful bowl in the middle of your dinner table that can fit a mound of 9-10 apples. Then, fill the bowl with different coloured apples. Don’t get rep apples, just green, yellow, and maybe Asian pears. Try oranges too!  This simple touch will give your kitchen a real homey feel.  In the living room you can use decorative vases with simple flower arrangements. Get an affordable simple arrangement from your local florist. Only use light and warm colours in your Mississauga Condo.  Orange, white, pink, and yellow work best. And don’t bunch them together too much. It is better to scatter them throughout your home in smaller bunches. 

Vacating the Property

A lot of people feel uncomfortable in the role of being Buyers. It is as if they are intruding in the Sellers home. Our job in Setting the Stage for showing your home is to put potential Buyers at ease. You can achieve this by not being present for showings.  Remeber, when real esate agents show Mississauga Condos, they tend to show more than one unit at a time in the same condominium, so it is our job to put the potential buyer at ease when vieiwing your mississauga condo.  We’re not kicking you out of your own house, just simply sending you out to the local coffee shop for an hour.  I always recommend to my clients, “once an appointment is confirmed to show your property, it is your job as the seller to leave the home during the scheduled showing.   Give the potential Buyer privacy to walk around your home and feel ‘at home.’ If you’re present, they will either feel rushed to leave before they have decided to place a serious offer on your home, or they will feel as though they are intruding in someone else’s home, and have a hard time picturing themselves living there.”

Pictures & Wall Frames

You may consider gathering any pictures of family and putting them away for the duration of the selling period. Not all of them of course.  Keep a couple of your best ones out, so that it still feels as though somebody lives there, but take the rest down. It is very psychological having pictures all over your home because the potential Mississauga condo buyers will once again feel as though they are intruding in someone else’s home, and therefore will have trouble visualizing themselves living in your home. Make it easier for them to commit and give you an attractive offer, and put extra pictures away for a while. 


You already know that you have to put away as much clutter as possible, but we can take it one step further to increase your chances of selling your mississauga condominium sooner than later. Try taking as many bulky furnishings out of the condo as you can. Put the unnecessary furnishings in storage, and give your rooms the illusion of being larger than they are.  It is amazing how this works!!!  Take bulky furnishings out of your home, and give potential Buyers a favorable sense of depth perception, especially because most mississauga condos are smaller than average homes. 

Sweet Scents

Lastly, when ever a showing is confirmed, spray some air freshener at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time, and use Glade plug-ins wherever possible.  The sense of smell acts as ‘Buyers Aphrodisiac.’ Let your potential Buyers be turned on by the smell of your home. Sometimes mississauga condo Buyers consider home’s that are older than 10 years old ‘old’ but we must give them the impression that your home is like brand new!

I hope this dialogue gives you some ideas of how you would like to show your mississauga condominium.  Use what feels right and make your home shine to Sell.  After seeing many Homeowners get quick offers for their home using these very same tricks, it definitely pays to Set the Stage!